Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Great Free Agency of 2010

The story of this NBA off-season is playoff teams in Eastern Conference have strengthened (Miami Chicago, Milwaukee) contrary to Western Conference playoff teams who are standing pat and getting old at the same time (Spurs, Dallas, Denver) or have lost a major cog to their offense and are scrambling to restructure the team on the fly (Phoenix and Utah).

A Shift in Power Eastward
Rising Powers:
Miami has layed the foundation for a dynasty. The teaming up of three all star players Dwayne Wade Lebron James and Chris Bosh (including two nba-first team players (Wade and James) in the prime of their careers is flat out scary for the rest of the league. A compilation of this level of talent is not unprecedented. (The 58-59 Celtics had 3 first-team all NBA players (Bob Cousy, Bill Sharman and Bill Russell plus Tom Heinsohn got 18.8ppg and 9.7 rbg). That said this level of talent on the same team hasn’t occurred for at least a quarter century.

Chicago Bulls have a franchise player at point guard in Derrick Rose who almost unguardable the addition of Carlos Boozer give them a top notch front court scorer for the first time since Elton Brand played in the red and white. Also the addition of head coach Tom Thibodeau who’s a great defensive mind, was at the helm of Boston vaunted defense since 2007. The Bulls will play with a focus and intensity to match their talent.

Established Greatness
Boston: This team field three hall of famers(Ray Allen,Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett) and all-star point guard(Rajon Rondo_ plus one of the best head coaches in the league in Doc Rivers.they will be a factor next year barring injury.

Orlando: They are well coached by Stan Van Gundy. Orlando plays great defense anchored by Dwight Howard. No team shoots more and makes more treys than the Magic.

The Dark Horse
The Milwaukee Bucks may be the dark horse team in the NBA this season. They play great defense and play with heart and intensity under the coaching of Scott Skiles. Additionally they got sneaky talent. Brandon Jennings maybe the quickness guard in the NBA (he dropped a double nickel on golden state last year). John Salmons is a good two guard who can score and defend well and Andrew Bogut is arguably the best all around center in basketball. He can pass, block, rebound, and score proficiently in the low post. The addition of Corey Maggette and Drew Gooden will add scoring and rebounding to their front court. This is a good team that under the radar.

The West is still good
The Lakers will not have a cake walk in the west as some commentators have hinted. The Oklahoma Thunder will mature as a team and they are young, athletic, play great defense and have two dynamic players in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Houston is a team that didn’t make the playoffs however they will be a factor next year for one reason: the return of Yao Ming. If anyone looks at that roster they won’t see many holes they have scorers and defenders and now they have size in the front court. Look Out.

I’d be remiss if I didn't mention the Spurs who still have champions on that rosters and a hall of fame coach. Don’t sleep of those guys. Dallas should be good though they are long in the tooth. Portland won’t be a slouch Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldrige is a good combo plus they have a group of savvy veterans. Phoenix: even though they lost Amare Stoudamire the team will still score a bunch of points and possess a very versatile roster. So their demise might be pre mature.

What a difference a month makes.
On June 17th the Lakers finished held off the old warriors of Boston in seven games to win back to back championships. Folks have been talking about a possible three-peat. Let be real a three peat is an extremely difficult task; it has only been done 5 five times in NBA history. I would argue this three peat attempt will be every bit as hard as Bulls successful attempts at three peats against the Jazz and Suns and may be harder than the 61-62 Celtics who had to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers led by hall of famers Jerry West and Elgin Baylor in 7 games.

Even though history and a strengthened Eastern conference are against them, I still think the Lakers should be favorites to win the title next year. No team plays better defense, No team rebounds the ball better and no team has a player like Kobe Bryant the best guard in the history of the league not named Jordan. He will be healthier next year and even more motivated(if that’s possible) to silence his doubters and haters once again. The 64,000k dollar question is whether the “The Great Free Agency of 2010” means the undoing of the Lakers Three peat aspirations. Hard to tell now, that's why they play the games. I can’t wait.


  1. Can the hawks get a shot out please dam lol jk man good read go hawks lol

  2. I think your right Dante. The Hawks should of gotten a shout out. They are a good team with pieces I like.

  3. I look forward to your blog Chris as I always enjoy your perspectives. Not much for me to say here because I'm not a big NBA guy, but I feel well informed for next season.

  4. I do have to say that much of your perspectives are quite true. Althought I would have to hesitate on houston though. And yes I. Am being "That Guy." Good read my friend keep it up.