Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BB&T My quick take on last week football action.

Every week for the rest of the NFL season on Tuesday. I will write a blog post called BB&T: Ballers, Bums, and my Takeaways on the NFL. It should be good, thanks for reading.

 • Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenhiemer: Pats have the worst D in the league and he failed to stick to the run game. What happened to ground and pound?

 • Bills and Lions: The players and coaching staff of the Lions and Bills both get a failing grade for their team’s performance this past week. Talk about laying an egg. The Lions are the worst offender because they came off a bye week with that sorry performance.

 • ATL Head Coach Mike Smith: On the onside kick call and the going for on 4th down in your own territory in OT! Very simply what the hell were you thinking? Are you a fan or a coach?

 • AFC west: More on this division in Takeaways, but in short in sucks.

 • Eagles: A home L to the Arizona Cardinals led by their back up QB. This is unacceptable from a team so talented.

 • Drew Brees: How about his play in the GA Dome yesterday? 30-43 322yds 2 tds and no turnover. Great game sir!

 • Carlos Rodgers: Came down with two interception of Eli Manning with the second leading to a touchdown that became the game winning td. Big ups.

 • Devin Hester: The Greatest kick/punt returner ever. He now has 12 punt return tds and 17 combined punt/kick tds after running one back yesterday. Amazing! I think kicking to him is not the move. Just a thought.

 • Houston running game. The Texans went into the TB and ran that team of the stadium literally. The totaled 185 yds on the ground and 3 tds. Great job HOU O-Line

 • Larry Fitzgerald: It did not matter who was on him yesterday he was on beast mode. 7 rec 146yds 2 tds on some of the best corners in the game. Tip of the cap.

 Takeaways from the week:
 1) How good are the Giants really? They are leading the division by a game but the team is rank 29th stopping the run, 21st in points allowed and have played the softest schedule of any team in the NFC .432%(winning percentage of opponents) except for the Cardinals whose strength of schedule is 42%. Their schedule the rest of the way will be extremely difficult and we’ll find out if they are a legit super bowl squad or if we need to sell this stock because they have peaked.

 2) The Patriots with the worst defense in the league has just wrapped up the AFC East and will get a weak off with their win over the Jets. Their schedule the rest of the way is (KC, @PHI, IND, @Wash, @DEN, Mia, and Buf).That looks like a bunch of W’s to me. That’s said this team with its weak running game and bad defense will probably be one and down in the playoffs.

3) Falcons and Jets kissed a division title and a bye week good bye with their respective home losses to the Saints and Patriots. Both teams will have tough roads to secure playoffs spots but I would put money that both teams find a way into the 12 team tournament. Detroit schedule is getting real and they reliance on Stafford and their D Line soley to win game is just not enough against the upper echelon teams in the NFL.

 4) The best team in the AFC seems to change from week to week. First its NE, then Pitt, then Baltimore, then Houston. Now who knows after Matt Schaub season ending injury how the Texans will play the rest of the year. Its either Matt Leinart will keep things rolling or its time to buy Tennessee Titan stock. I think at the end of the day Pittsburgh when healthy will be the team to beat unless your trust Joe Flacco in the playoffs which I do not.

5) The AFC West is awful. Denver won a game throwing 8 passes yes 8! What year is this? KC suffered big injuries at key positions early in the year they got back to some semblance of respectability beating a bunch of posers, now they are just plain bad. Some how San Diego is only a game out of the lead after the teams uninspiring effort against Oakland. Oakland has to be the favorite to win the division out of default.

Extra Point:
 The Ravens defense this year has given up the fewest touchdowns of any team in the league at 10 tds. The next closest is Detroit and San Francisco tied at allowing 13 tds rushing or passing all year.

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